What parents and students are saying about Coach Lyle

“I just wanted to let you know Emil’s scores on the October SAT. He received a 630 in Math. He received a 580 in critical reading and a 560 in writing. He was very happy with the increase, and wanted me to let you know. He received 10 out of 12 on the essay. Thanks for all your help.”

“I had fun going over many materials. I think it was better for me to take a prep course than studying by myself.”

“Great Course, I would happily recommend it and Mr. Burnham to any of my friends.”

“This class teaches an entirely different approach to the SAT. It doesn’t just teach material, but how to do the problems.”

“At first I was not excited about taking this course but I am glad I did because I learned so much.”

“As you can see, your class helped her tremendously. She was thrilled when she received these wonderful results and has told everyone she knows how well your class prepared her. She said that your strategies really helped her to remain calm and stay focused during the exam and because of that she was not nearly as stressed or overwhelmed. We will definitely recommend you and your class to others. Another tribute to you is that she never dreaded or complained about coming to your class and that’s a lot to say for something that takes up a big chunk of a teenager’s weekend! She said that the time always passed quickly, you were very easy to understand, friendly and approachable and she really felt prepared at the end. We feel extremely lucky to have found you and your class and greatly appreciate everything you did for her! Thank you so much for all of your help!”

“Lyle, This is just a belated thank you for your help w/ Will. He was accepted to 5 of the 6 schools where he applied. He has narrowed it down to Highpoint, Wingate, or Gardner Webb. His vastly improved SAT’s helped to put him into a better bracket for scholarship monies. He was awarded just shy of $10k/yr for 4 years from Gardner Webb! Thank you for all you did. Will now is able to make a choice from 3 great options that we can afford.”

“If you are serious about getting into a good school, and have the willingness to work hard, then Coach Lyle will prepare you for what you need to do to achieve your goals.”

“I really enjoyed Coach Lyle’s SAT course because it helped me prepare for the SAT more than other courses I’ve taken before. The instructor really presented the information in an understandable way.”

“The tips I learned seemed a lot better than ones I discovered before. Our teacher was definitely more educated on teaching these subjects than those from a school based course I took.”

“I thought I got a lot out of it, and was surprised I didn’t fall asleep during the classes.”

“I class was very helpful. I went from about a 450 in math to about a 600 and I absolutely hate math.”

“I have been to two different SAT courses and out of them, I thought this one was the best. Coach Lyle gives different and effective ways to attack problems you don’t know how to do.”

“I am glad to have taken this class because it has forced me to get prepared for the SAT in ways that I would never have known on my own.”

“Coach Lyle helped me learn the material very well and helped me learn how to take the SAT. Without him I would have kept getting the same scores over and over again with little or no improvement.”

“It’s plain and simple; he taught what we need to know.”

“Thanks very much for the extra time you spent with Maggie in reviewing/coaching her test results. That was very supportive and professional and we appreciate it very much!”

“If there was one SAT course I would recommend to any student, it would be this course. After I started taking the course, I completely changed my view point of the SAT and I learned how to attack the problems. Coach Lyle changes your psychology about the SAT -in a good way.”

“I was not looking forward to it at first, but once I got here and got through my first day, I enjoyed it.”

“Helps understand SAT so much more. Everyone who is taking SAT should take this course. I recommend to every student. A+.”

“I was satisfied with this course because it wasn’t a lot of time wasted, but a lot of information learned.”

“Thanks again for your help! I am very happy that Meredith took your class last summer, and that we listened to your advice, prepared for the SAT and PSAT at the same time, and took the SAT in October. It takes the pressure off now.”

“I feel this course will greatly help any child preparing for the SAT as long as they are willing to do their part.”

“It was a nice experience, the instructor was friendly and helpful. I have taken a lot of SAT courses, this one was the best of them all by far.”