June 2, 2018 SAT Exam – New Student Sign-up

1. Students attend five sessions for the entire class.

2. Students can attend either the Saturday or Sunday (Tuesday or Thursday) session. They do not have to attend the same day for all of the sessions.

3.  All classes are confirmed at the time of registration.  If you need to switch a class after registration, you need to contact Coach Lyle.

4. Classes will be held at the Days Inn located at 1000 Airport Boulevard in Morrisville (Exit 284 on I-40) or the Ramada Inn located at 1520 Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh.

5. With prior notice, sessions can be attended by live, online access.

6. The price of this class is $445 (if you are a previous ACT student, the cost is $300 – just sign up for six hours of tutoring on the Tutoring page;  I will contact you about your schedule).  Once you enter the registration information and you hit the Submit Button, you will be taken to Paypal where you can pay with your Paypal account or credit card.

7.  Since most colleges no longer require the SAT essay, instruction about the SAT essay is not part of the curriculum.  If instruction is needed on the essay, make an annotation in the comment box and sign-up for 1 hour of tutoring.  I will contact you to schedule the time for the essay instruction.

8.  If you have a scheduling conflict, please call Coach Lyle at 919-624-4484 before the class starts.